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Lunar Eclipse of November 8 - Time for Self Reflection

Tomorrow is Kartik Purnima, and we will be experiencing the last lunar eclipse of 2022. Lunar eclipses are just as important as solar eclipses. We usually spend more time thinking about ourselves during eclipses.
Lunar eclipses are very important because it is about the Moon. Moon represents our memory from the past or the past experiences that made us who we are as an individual. In short, it represents our Mind.
The lunar eclipse of November 8 is a significant event in the sky, as the planetary position in the sky, this year has already proved to be very different than earlier years. For example, Saturn, after 29 years, is in its own house, and Jupiter, after 12 years.
This eclipse will take place in Aries and Bharani nakshatra. Lord of Aries, Mars, is retrograde in Gemini, and Bharani Nakshatra’s lord, Venus, is in Libra with Sun and Mercury. This means both Mercury and Venus are overshadowed by Sun.
We experienced great changes in the world over the past 2 years, especially after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in 2020. The planet of Jupiter and the Planet of Karma were together after 59 Years!
Now, getting back to this Lunar Eclipse.
This Lunar Eclipse is important for all of us, it can be a change in our way of thinking. Usually, during a full moon day, we experience changes in our thoughts. But this day is different, it is a full moon day with almost no lunar energy. This can be good and bad depending upon the placement of the planets in your chart, but whatever it is, this can be transformative.
The world rises with the mind and sets with the mind. That which rises and sets is not the Self.- Sri Ramana Maharshi
This eclipse can be a blessing for those on a spiritual journey looking to figure out your real nature or “the self.” On this day, the Mind, which is the cause of the delusion, gets disturbed by the earth’s shadow. You might suddenly look inward in this window of time to find the real “You.”
So, the Lunar eclipse of November 8 is the best time to reflect back to your original “Self.” On this day, it is highly beneficial if you sit quietly doing nothing.
Note: You can ask an astrologer to look into your birth chart and explain the planets and their effects on your life.
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